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Agis Arms top rated indoor gun range. 

We pride ourselves on our ventilation system and clean facility. Our full array of rentals range from full-auto World War 2 relics to everyday carry pistols. Trained staff and certified instructors are available for educational firearm classes or range training.

Range Fee

Range Fee $19

Military, Officer, Veterans $15.00

Officers In Uniform $5.00

Children (Ages 8-12) $10.00

Gun Rentals

Handguns - Starting at $15

Rifles - Starting at $20

Full Autos - $60


Valid ID Required

Brass Ammo Only

No Shotguns

No Loaded Mags

Sights Required On All Rifles

Take advantage of extra incentives with our Annual Membership

VIP Priority

5% Off Ammo

2 Free Targets

1 Guest Entry

$699 Per Year

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